A few years back (2015) Salesforce announced the next iteration of its core platform – Lightning. Salesforce Lightning not only packs a sleek design and improved usability, it also helps boost productivity across the board, from sales and marketing, to customer support and service delivery. In this post we’ll talk about Lightning and why you should plan to migrate from the Classic Salesforce.

What is Salesforce Lightning?

Salesforce Lightning is component and user interface-based framework that is designed to simplify processes and streamlined user interface. Lightning is specially designed for a superior mobile-tablet-desktop experience.

There are 4 key differences between Classic and Lightning:

  • Lightning lets you use Salesforce’s AI – Einstein. This next generation AI tool helps weed out patterns, provides intelligent recommendations and studies your data in-detail
  • Multi-tasking on a single scree. This means you won’t have to juggle between multiple browser tabs
  • Lightning gives your sales teams quick access to contacts, quotes and proposals
  • With the Service Cloud, you can optimize your field workers by giving them real-time access to appointments, inventory and schedule management

Key benefits of Salesforce Lightning

Benefits of using Salesforce LightningSo, why should you make the move to Salesforce Lightning? Here are 4 reasons to convince you;

Helps automate your sales process

Lightning comes loaded with new and updated features that make it easier than ever to manage the sales process.

For example, Sales Path offers sales coaching by visually displaying each opportunity in the sales pipeline and showing recommendations for next steps to take. This enables sales reps to take action on their opportunities within each stage of the pipeline more quickly and accurately. Sales Path also helps create a system of accountability and encourages sales reps to follow it, this way everyone is in line with the your company operates.

Build custom, mobile-ready apps

Build mobile-ready Salesforce apps for every employee to increase productivity and enable a more connected workforce. Lightning lets you:

  • Build mobile-first apps in minutes
  • Create apps from spreadsheets
  • Access an ecosystem of prebuilt components and flows

In addition, Lightning lets you extend your apps, data and business processes to your external stakeholders. Integrate CMS content, connect external data and personalize the experience with CRM data.

Focus on higher quality leads and opportunities

Salesforce Lightning leverages AI with its new Einstein interface. The AI is basically a digital assistant to learns from everything in your CRM: customer data, behaviors and interactions. It the applies what it has learned to discover customer insights, predict possible outcomes, recommend next steps and automate tasks.

What Einstein means for sales reps is not only higher quality leads, but the ability to make smarter decisions and take action faster.

Access data from anywhere, anytime

Salesforce Lightning provides a seamless transition from desktop to mobile devices, so you can check the status of your accounts or follow up with a customer from any mobile device – this alone helps improve productivity for sales reps by 35%

Ready to out-innovate your competition?

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